Philée d'Astre is a brand of silk scarves. They are all imagined, designed and manufactured in the heart of Dauphine. Precisely where Sfate and Combier has been fashioning luxurious silks since 1850 for fashion designers and aesthetes around the world.

With this heritage secular, Philae d'Astre silk scarves are of incomparable quality and incomparable lightness. Their color palette is rich and vibrant. Their motives are exclusive and realized thanks to new techniques. The iconic models are chiffon, they are called Astrée and Zephyr.

To give depth to the lightness of our creations, we have an invaluable resource: our archives of several centuries. With the free, determined and joyful spirit of the Dauphinois, they help us each season to feel the wind coming and perceive the color of the breeze.