Have you just stained your silk blouse or do you just want to wash it after wearing it? Please note that it is possible to clean a silk item by hand or in the washing machine.

washing machine

By hand

• Place your silk garment in a basin of warm water with a mild soap or detergent specially designed to clean the silk.
• If your garment is made of light silk, soak it for 3 to 5 minutes. If it is dark or printed, immerse it in a cold bath, but do not let it soak.
• RGently stir the fabric for 5 minutes (from front to back). Remember: silk is even more delicate when it is wet.
• Remove it from the bath and rinse it with clean water.
• Wrap it in a dry towel without wringing it out.
• Roll it flat again while pulling slightly on its corners.
• Lay it on a hanger and let it dry out of direct sunlight.

In the washing machine

• Use a detergent specially designed to clean silk and select the program at 30 degrees.
• Place your garment in a protective net or pillowcase.
• At the end of the wash cycle, do not start the spin cycle but place it between two clean towels and gently dab it.
• Lay it on a hanger and let it dry out of direct sunlight.

Ironing silk

To avoid unpleasant surprises, iron silk scarf or any other garment on the back when it is still slightly damp. Set your iron to the lowest temperature and always be in motion so as not to burn the fabric fibres.

Wait until your silk garment or accessory is completely dry before storing it. If you bend it while it is still wet, you may see folds.

For even more security, you can use a wet pad! A wet cloth is a cloth that gets wet and is placed between the iron and the silk piece. The ironing is then carried out with steam, in all delicacy.

Maintain the quality and colours of the silk

To keep your scarf, blouse or any other silk garment, do not :
• expose it to the sun for too long,
• spray with perfume or deodorant on it,
• remove stains with water,
• use fabric softener,
• iron it on the right place,
• moisten it further when ironing,
• wring it out,
• dry it in the dryer.