Would you like to buy silk muslin ? But, you don't know under what circumstances to wear it, or for what occasion ? Here are 5 questions to know everything about silk muslin.

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What are the advantages of silk muslin ?

Originally from India, silk muslin appeared in France around the 18th century, and is available in plain colour, with prints. It offers an undeniable aesthetic aspect. Generally, it is worn for special occasions, such as baptisms, weddings and other major events for elegant silhouettes. Its refined and top-of-the-range character makes muslin a very popular fabric. Moreover, its fluidity allows it to be a first choice fabric in the making of your evening dress, from the guest to the bride, including the bridesmaid! Wearing chiffon will make you breathe. Indeed, the fabric consists of very fine and loose fibres. You won't feel suffocated when you put it on, thanks to a vaporous sensation. Silk muslin is a natural compound. It is particularly suitable for hypoallergenic people. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester can turn into real torture if your skin is sensitive. This natural aspect results in a durability and solidity of the fabric, which is not found everywhere.

What parts are made with silk muslin ?

You want to buy a piece in chiffon, but don't know which one to wear ? First of all, you can find dresses adapted to various occasions. Cocktail dress, ceremonial dress, tight or casual, long or short dress, printed flowers, embroidered, with long or short sleeves, with or without flounce, the chiffon dress still has beautiful days ahead !

Chiffon is also available in jackets, cardigans or blouses. Flowered or plain, this shape makes it possible to decorate your most sober clothes.

You can also wear a blouse or tunic. Transparent, it galvanizes your sensuality, for a date for example. Less popular, the silk muslin trousers offer a beautiful alternative to the dress, with a pair of pumps for breathtaking elegance. To cover a part of the body, silk muslin fabric can be worn as a scarf or stole or even as a bodice. Finally, the square scarf remains a classic that has survived over the years. Symbol of French elegance, declined in all its forms by fashion icons like Grace Kelly, the scarf is the ultimate detail of your outfit. It's up to you to choose the part that suits you best !

How to wear a silk muslin scarf ?

Anna Wintour, the high priestess of fashion, swears by him. He made the days of Hollywood stars. Even if it remains the master detail of your outfit, wearing it well is essential.

Wear the scarf around your neck

This is the most common way to wear it. The Hermès brand has made it one of its timeless classics, the silk square. It can be tied like a tie. In this case, you must bet on a large shape silk square of about 1 m by 1 m.

Opt for a thin scarf knotted to complete your look.

Tie it in the hair

In the hair, it has several uses. It can be used as a headband or tied around a bun. In winter, it protects you from the elements, if you tie it in a vintage style. In summer, it allows you to protect yourself from the sun, if you choose a light color. You can also braid it with your hair.

Wear it as an accessory

Around the wrist, it serves as a reminder of the colour of your outfit. It can also be used around a straw or felt hat, depending on the season. Or simply attached to the handle of your handbag.

Put it on your shoulders

Silk muslin is so soft and light that you will love to wear it on your shoulders. In stole or in shawl, to wear during a ceremony in a draped manner or just when the temperatures are a little cooler.

Let your imagination run wild !

How to clean silk muslin ?

Before cleaning your muslin cloth, check that the colour is secure. To do this, moisten an invisible part of the fabric with a finger. Put a clean cloth on it and iron it hot. If the colour has faded on the clean linen, then you will need to dry clean it. In this case, use a dry cleaner instead. They are professionals who have all the appropriate equipment. If the colour is well fixed, we advise you to forget the washing machine and opt for hand washing. Bathe your room in a water bath mixed with shampoo or a special wool detergent. Soak for about 20 minutes. Then squeeze the fabric between your palms and immediately rinse with clean water. If the stains are too stubborn, don't take any risks and entrust your muslin to a professional. Sponge between two towels.

Can we iron the silk muslin ?

Ironing such a delicate material requires great care. Read the fabric label or the seller's advice to see if you can iron it. If the answer is no, when you put it to dry, hang the laundry as much as possible with clothes pegs. Preheat your iron over low heat. Spread your dress, scarf or other by placing a damp towel on it so that it does not dry too quickly. Iron part by part, shifting the napkin as you go along. As you will have understood, silk muslin is a fine and delicate fabric, which comes in all its forms.

However, its maintenance requires great care.